September 22, 2012


I've burned a couple friendships
over the precipitation's calm complacence
I wish I would learn a little time management
I don't know how to cope with anything that needs maintenance

everybody gets mad at me for it and it never clicks
when time passes by I guess I just don't see it
so for some reason I can't see the forest for the trees
the sands of the hourglass pass through me like wind in the leaves

then sometimes my thoughts and pulse start to race
I begin to feel out of place and I inadvertently alienate
and soon the fog rolls in with no explanation
but in the end there's no one left to placate

I really never meant to make you cry
I do the things that I do and I just don't know why
but sometimes I'd just rather be standing alone in the fog
alone in my head, at one with the dark

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