September 12, 2012

Head hurts, so pop a couple excedrin for migraine relief
take ranitidine for the acid as stomach begins to bleed
migraine's still not gone, take 500mg of acetaminophen
nausea starts, so now I'm taking dramamine
head still hurts so take one more excedrin
maybe I should also eat a gummy vitamin
in case I'm lacking a certain vital nutrient
drink some milk to settle the acid pain
dab nostrils with oil of soothing jasmine again
perhaps this will aid in some relaxation
head still hurts, so take one more excedrin
dilate the blood vessels, drink a little caffeine
now I have nausea, acid reflux and a migraine
nothing I take seems to stop the pain

head still hurts, take another excedrin.


  1. Hmmm... sell lyrics to me... retain rights and royalties